Nouvelle New Generation Colour

Nouvelle values the brand that inspires hairdressers with the latest fashions and trends

It is the brand that inspires the hairdresser with the latest fashions and trends. It helps to become a reference point for a large, variable clientele and gives the instruments to offer quality services and products which range from basic to more daring treatments and looks for a younger public. It has quality and know-how proven by 30 years on the market and an ideal price position for a woman who wants visible results on her hair, who frequently goes to the salon to always have herself in order, but every so often would like to change with new more creative and coloured styles.

The Celebration Of Color, the Triumph of Speed

The easiest, fastest way to keep your hair color bright and long-lasting and to give deep nourishment and softness.

Choose from the color glow menu the products and the color treatment you prefer, and mix the colored masks following instructions to obtain a unique cocktail with
extraordinary results on the hair

A New Way To Curl Your Hair

From an icon of scruffy and wild looks to the trend of the moment: curls are the new trend in the world of hair. To respond perfectly to the needs of curly hair, Nouvelle Laboratories launched Curl me up, the complete range of products designed to nourish and tame even the most rebellious hair.

Nouvelle Color Glow Products

Nouvelle Curl Me Up Products

Nouvelle All Color Products

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