A new way of creating natural cosmetics, committed to the environment.

Discover the variety of lines and products with sulfate-free formulas based on plant extracts that have been developed to treat all types of hair.

Ohanic’s rituals are treatments with essential oils specifically formulated for each type of hair, restoring hair health and offering sensory relaxation to the hair.

Pure Organic, Sulphate free

OHANIC Products Are Based on Following Characteristics

Formulation based on plant extracts:
0% sulfates
0% silicones
0% dyes
0% added salt
0% peg-s
0% paraffin
0% gluten

Ohanic's inspiration and main raw material is vine extract for its multiple and well-known antioxidant properties, among others.

Sulfate-free Products

The main ingredient of Ohanic natural products is Vine Extract, for its antioxidant, moisturizing, and repairing properties for hair.

Check Out All OHANIC Products Below:

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