Echosline Karbon 9 Stop-Pollution Spray 100ml


  • Enriched with 100% plant-based Charcoal and 9 Botanical extracts
  • It protects the hair and styling from external aggressors, such as smog, fine particles, heavy metals
  • Detoxifying action
  • Protection from pollution with long-lasting “SMOG DEFENSE” technology
  • High percentage of natural origin ingredients
  • 100% Vegan
  • Sulphate and silicone free
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  • Spray on the hair after styling or at any time during the day.

Every day hair and scalp are subjected to stress. External agents such as smog, fine dust, sun, humidity and wind all damage the hair, making it brittle, dry and dull.

Stop-Pollution Spray, thanks to 100% Activated Charcoal, protects the styling from external elements that damage the hair throughout the day.

The hair will be protected and it will remain vital, bright and pleasantly scented.

Charcoal is an antibacterial and purifying agent whose properties have been known for centuries. It naturally absorbs toxins and chemicals harmful to the hair. With the addition of 9 botanical extracts that protect, energise and purify, Stop-Pollution Spray is an explosion of natural elements to protect the scalp.

The formula is 100% Vegan and does not use Sulphates or Silicones.


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    Echosline Karbon 9 Stop-Pollution Spray 100ml