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Echosline Seliar Curl Mask 1000ml


  • Enriched with Honey and Argan Oil
  • It gently cleanses curly and wavy hair
  • It eliminates frizz
  • It provides suppleness and hydration
  • Taming action
  • It wraps the hair with a shine-enhancing protective film
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  • Apply to wet hair
  • massage
  • Rinse

Curly and wavy hair needs to be hydrated and treated properly to look well-defined, tamed, separated, with extraordinary suppleness, and in great shape.

Curl Shampoo, enriched with Honey and Argan Oil, it gently cleanses curly and wavy hair, eliminating frizz and giving suppleness and hydration. It performs a taming action by wrapping the hair in a protective, brightening film

Curly and wavy hair will be defined, supple, and hydrated.

Argan Oil, so rich in vitamin E, protects, brightens, nourishes, and strengthens the hair.
Honey has high hydrating power and is a valuable ally to give the hair new brightness and shine. Ideal to treat dry and brittle hair that needs nourishment, this ingredient rebuilds and strengthens the internal structure of the hair and hydrates it deeply.



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    Echosline Seliar Curl Mask 1000ml