Echosline Seliar Discipline Spray 200ml


  • Enriched with Cocoa Butter and Argan Oil
  • It eliminates frizz and makes the hair smooth and silky
  • Progressive effect over time
  • Thermo-Active technology for easier brush and hairdryer use as well as faster drying and smoothing times
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  • After towel-drying the hair, spray all over it
  • Blow dry with a brush
  • With a straightener: spray the product on dry hair, section after section, and use the straightener.

The hair can often be unruly, rebellious and frizzy. In this case, it needs a specific taming programme that makes it strong and bright.

As a result of the synergistic mix of Cocoa Butter and Argan Oil, Discipline Spray eliminates frizz and makes the hair smooth and silky, with a progressive effect over time.

The hair will be extremely smooth, silky and shiny.

Its special Thermo-Active technology makes brush and hairdryer use easier and drying and smoothing times faster.
As a result of its special mineral substances (iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and iodine) and vitamins, Cocoa Butter can effectively nourish and tame the hair.
Argan Oil protects, brightens, nourishes and strengthens the hair. Rich in vitamin E, this powerful natural antioxidant defends the hair from free radicals, thus acting as an anti-aging barrier.


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    Echosline Seliar Discipline Spray 200ml